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Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul fight rules branded "a disgrace" after late request


Mike Tyson and Jake Paul have been told it's a disgrace their fight is being professionally sanctioned.

Heavyweight legend Tyson fights influencer-turned-boxer Paul this summer at the 80,000 seat Dallas Cowboys stadium in Texas. 'Iron Mike' hasn't competed in a professional fight for almost two decades, hanging up his gloves for good after retiring on his stool against journeyman Kevin McBride in 2005. Tyson suffered a health scare earlier this week when he felt dizzy and nauseous because of an ulcer flare up whilst onboard a flight, but the 57-year-old said he is now "doing great".

And British boxing legend Tony Bellew has slammed the fight rules for the controversial bout. "How the f*** has that been getting registered as a professional bout?"

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul fight on July 20 (
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"It's got 14-ounce gloves and you're fighting two-minute rounds. What the f*** is going on? Who's commissioned that and who's approving that? That idiot Jake Paul just wants to be on Mike Tyson's record. I mean, it is f*****g insane.

"I know what Mike's doing. Mike doesn't give a s*** anymore, and I understand why he doesn't give a s*** about his record, but how are you passing this?"

Speaking to Ace Odds, Bellew continued: "Mike Tyson's whole career has been fought over three-minute rounds. How is he allowing a two-minute round bout to go on his professional record? The women's code is over two-minute rounds, not the men's.

"So why is a bout over two-minute rounds being deemed as a professional bout? It's a disgrace. It's an absolute p*** take."

Tyson will have to pass brain and heart scans to be eligible to fight on July 20 against Paul and the 57-year-old has been warned he could be in danger of suffering a brain injury in the fight.

Nathan Howarth, Development and Operations Director at the Concussion Legacy Foundation UK, told Betway : "Boxing has an inherent risk of concussion.

"Then there’s an increased risk of traumatic brain injury we have seen like bleeds on the brain. I’m not saying there is any evidence that as an older fighter, Mike would be at risk of that, however, we do know the impacts of subclinical concussions. It’s particularly important for someone like Mike Tyson who has had a long period of time in the sport anyway."

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